Balances with Yogis

We all originally started to practice yoga for a wide range of motives. The longer we practice and the deeper we also immerse ourselves in the philosophical aspects of yoga, the more we find a yearning in our hearts: Peace, oneness, Samadhi. The desired and true state of our being increasingly becomes the centre of our daily spiritual practice. 

Yoga can resolve all barriers that exist between our present alleged state and our true being. On both a smaller and a larger scale: we practice continuously, without attachment and free breathing on an asana, day after day and at some point, the barriers we mentally connected to this asana dissolve.

We then move forward, for a brief moment in a free and liberated inner space, before we reach the next asana which presents a new blockade. Each seeming blockade is an opportunity for growth. The same goes for our life, every new level, every challenge is life’s new asana and we should remember to breathe and to recognise.

What else, apart from yoga, can help us to identify and resolve the blockades between us and our longed for being.

With the systematic kinesiologic work, and linked to our spiritual source, we can gently, effectively and cautiously come to see what separates us, and we can equally gently remove this veil to see who we really are.

Systematic work incorporates familiar patterns, experiences and influences of our family of origin, our ancestors and our incarnations in the healing process. From a systematic point of view we are connected to everyone in our family and karmic system by a silk thread. Like a small part of a large mobile, we always move with and compensate the movements and patterns of the entire system.

With individual work we can disperse entanglements within our systems, and as a result we can act more freely and more relaxed, and from the centre of our divine nature.

The kinesiologic muscle testing and kinesiologic balances support and deepen this process of clarification, and especially ensure a gentle approach in unison with our soul.

The yogic way of life is a wonderful path for us to find ourselves.
The systemic kinesiologic work supports us with a deep, enlightening and transformational process, from which we emerge more strongly and focused on our true being and our work in this world.