Balances with children and families

As parents, we are deeply affected when children and adolescents suffer physically or emotionally. These days, the question of “why” is often answered with the demands at school and general pressure to perform. Meanwhile, the causes of physical symptoms and behavioural problems often go much deeper. Children often cannot communicate their needs and sensibilities as clearly as we the parents would like. 

From a systemic point of view, our children are part of our family system. They will do all they can to protect and support the system they feel part of.

Out of love to their parents, grandparents and siblings, even to unknown family members, our children will try to resolve issues, carry burdens and even resolve strokes of fate.
However, this is neither in their area of responsibility nor within their realm of possibilities. These self-imposed tasks lead to our children exhibiting physical symptoms, psychological and emotional afflictions and so-called behavioural problems among other things.
Within the course of a systemic-kinesiologic individual meeting and together with the parents or one parent, I initially start to understand and record the child’s situation and the family system. By working with the parents on their own family system, we can improve the child’s situation. Resolving issues, conflicts and sinister connections in the family system of the parents often leads to simple, effective and particularly gentle improvements in the entire family. This will have a direct impact on the well-being and the health of the child.

Depending on the age of the child and other factors, it is sometimes advisable to continue working with the child itself after this first step. Access to solutions for the complete system is often open in our children and very easily accessible. Children thus learn at a very early age that they themselves are the source to their peace and their healing.

Freedom is a quality that works on the outside and on the inside.

With this systemic-kinesiologic work, we, as parents, can make an important contribution to the inner freedom of our children and thus help our children to act and live out of free, inner impulses.