Systemic-Kinesiology Work

We are born in need of protection, assistance and care and place our full trust in the hands of our parents. Our parents share the experiences they themselves have made with us. These experiences and the resulting emotions have often been passed from parents to children through many generations. The patterns and feelings that manifest themselves in old inherited issues often lead us to, and often subconsciously, trigger certain events in our lives. We find ourselves in situations where we get stuck, stagnate and where we may end up again and again no matter where we turn. We seem to be caught in a circle from which we cannot escape. This is reflected in various areas like family, work, the innermost area of the soul and the body.

Our family of origin is a network - a system - that acts as an emotional force field throughout our whole lives. We are connected to every person within this system, regardless of whether they are already deceased, we have never met them or are in daily contact. We live in resonance with our parents and ancestors, are entangled with their fates, and this can have a serious influence on our own life experience.

Systemic-kinesiologic work can bring these impact forces and unconscious patters to light. This leads to a gentle and careful clarification process that allows reconciliation with the family of origin and to reunite at the core. The knowledge, understanding and feeling why things happened and the forgiveness of old wounds brings about new orders and structures inside. The heart heals. The present breaks free from the restrictive patterns of the past and it is possible to take new, free and energetic steps in one’s own life.