I am delighted to see that you have found your way to me for a moment. 

To an outsider, my life would seem to have taken different twists and turns, from a Master of Arts in Art History and my first taste of self-employment in the art scene to becoming and being a mother... but when I look deeper and from a certain perspective, I begin to understand that my path was meant to take me to exactly this point. There were many wonderful moments of happiness, experiences and delights, but also times of constriction and darkness within me and around me. In hindsight, the paths that I took and the dark times were crucial stages of preparation for my encounter with kinesiology. Since then I have experienced much that has blessed, healed and truly transformed my life. The things I have experienced and lessons I have learnt are now incorporated into my work and learning, and have taken on a whole new and deeper meaning.

Healing can happen if two people truly meet (freely adapted from Martin Buber). But what does it mean to truly and sincerely meet? For me, the path of encounter begins on the inside. If I create and cultivate an awareness inside me, combining loving openness and dedication together with absolute impartiality, I have made a good start. This special inner space that over the course of further encounters continues its journey outwards makes possible what was previously unthinkable, unspeakable and impassable.

I have the opportunity to experience these things every day and learn what it means to recognise and spread the true essences and real being more and more. My path brought me here and it fills me with deep gratitude and infinite pleasure to open this space for you. Come in and discover the wonders that are waiting inside you. Walking together part of the way and experiencing how healing and liberating a real encounter can be.