Balances in Kinesiology

Everything is changing: us, our families, our jobs, our position in life, the world. Change is the only constant in life. 

We sometimes find it difficult to trust these changes, and despite being carried by the flow of life we do not like the direction. We then go into resistance, cling to something and swim against the tide, we get tired and weak. Imbalances arise and lead to diverse manifestations on the inside and the outside.

The so-called gentle muscle test in kinesiology helps us to detect physical and mental imbalances. The kinesiologist gently touches the client’s arm and together they find the way to the inner levels, where stress lies. Subsequently, also by means of muscle testing, appropriate techniques and balances are found which can resolved these burdens. This approach works very clearly and effectively and can be followed and understood by the client.

Our self-healing power are awakened in the kinesiologic balance. Energy starts flowing again and one perceives one’s own creative strengths and possibilities of actions in a different way. And the change of perception then leads to the desired and longed-for changes in life. The direction is right again, be it because the flow of live has changed its direction or because we no longer swim against the flow of life.