Healing in the energy field

Healing is possible in a state where we lose sight of the goal ‘to be healed’ and allow ourselves to recognise that deep within ourselves we are already healed, whole and perfect. The power for a healing process lies in the recognition and authorisation of our inner wise entity. We usually get there not by desire but due to the absence of objective, tension and pressure.

“Healing in the energy field”, developed by Bernhard Wuthe, takes us into this state of healing release, trust and devotion. Healing in the energy field  is a journey into a deeply relaxed being where we leave all our expectations behind us. When we start to trust that there is a field that knows all our desires, hopes and dreams and that it is a concern of this boundless field for us to be happy, successful and healthy, transformation and healthy will become possible on all levels.

In a “Healing in the energy field” session, as in a kinesiologic session, a preliminary meeting can deepen and more accurately detect the issue that is troubling you. This approach is an option but not a requirement. Equally, there is the chance to rest in healing sounds and trust the field without the need to speak, the need to recognise - without any “need”.